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Hans Zimmer

9th August 2017 - Wednesday 20:00

Hans Zimmer, Germany’s sensational orchestra and electronic artist is bringing his signature sounds to the Hearst Greek Theatre!

Hans Florian Zimmer was born in Frankfurt am Main (West Germany) in 1957 and is a composer and record producer. He began his musical journey by learning to play the piano but hated the structure of formal lessons. He said in an interview, “My mother was very musical, basically a musician and my father was an engineer and an inventor. So, I grew up modifying the piano, shall we say, which made my mother gasp in horror, and my father would think it was fantastic when I would attach chainsaws and stuff like that to the piano because he thought it was an evolution in technology.” He went on to make a name for himself by integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements. He’s received many accolades including an Academy Award (for Best Original Score – The Lion King), 2 Golden Globe Awards (for The Lion King and Gladiator), 4 Grammy Awards (for Crimson Tide, The Dark Knight, and 2 for The Lion King), 4 Satellite Awards (for The Thin Red Line, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, and Inception), 3 Saturn Awards (for The Dark Knight, Inception, and Interstellar), 3 Classical BRIT Awards (for The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel), 2 Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) Awards (for Inception and 12 Years a Slave), a Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) Award (for Gladiator), a Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association (DFWFCA) Award (for Interstellar), and a World Soundtrack Award (for Inception).

Don’t miss your chance to see the prolific and award winning film composer whose electronics bolstered orchestral work has appeared in dozens of blockbuster movies!